Experts of H.O.M.E. is designed to assist the homeowner in the daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and lifetime management of the home. There is a plan for every type of home and homeowner.


Experts of H.O.M.E.  offers a full range of preventative care packages and maintenance plans, as well as construction and project management services, and dozens of real estate based consulting services.  Bid Analysis, Concierge Services, Insurance Advocacy, Asset Management, Permitting & Code Compliance, just to name a few.

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The time is now to have your home professionally managed and maintained.

Experts of H.O.M.E. will get to know your home inside and out. Handling all of the regular maintenance scheduling, annual safety inspections, annual property & building reviews, and action planning through monthly home owner training tips and reminders.Home Management Programs

Company founder; Mitchell P. Harris is a licensed NJ real estate broker for over 25 years and has completed more than 750 million dollars of transactions. He is also a construction expert and has been involved in the construction of almost 600 brand new homes, thousands and thousands of square feet of commercial build-outs, hundreds of large scale residential additions & renovations.  He is a licensed R.C.S. Building Inspector, Black Seal Boiler Operator, Certified Pool Operator, and licensed General Contractor.

“Many people will maintain their cars, but in large-part they fail to properly maintain and protect the largest investment they make in life, their home.”  “People often ignore home maintenance and are shocked to find that a once simple issue has ballooned into a major, often expensive, problem that could jeopardize the value of their home.”  – Mitch Harris


  • "I had a ton of questions about all kinds of stuff; it was like the Matrix. He knew how everything worked and saw exactly how the problem started in the first place.  We had a few other people out before hiring "The Experts", no one else could figure it out.  We've already saved more in the first 3 months of membership than we ever expected."
    Michael H. - Scotch Plains
  • "I signed up a year ago and Experts of H.O.M.E. has made my home management so much easier.   They handle all of my maintenance needs, but beyond that, I‘ve saved thousands of dollars having them hire and handle any contractors working on my home. Brilliant service!"
    Leslie K. - Fanwood
  • Mitch has been an enormous help to me when needing to fix day-to-day issues with the house, such as a backed up drain, frozen pipes and minor electrical and plumbing improvements.  I'll be a member for a long time.
    Mike K. - Westfield
  • For me it was a combination of cost savings and peace of mind, I saved over $10,000. since signing up.
    Chris M. - Scotch Plains.
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