Add-On/Individual Services


Insurance Advocacy

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Will your insurance company really act in your best interests? HOMExperts will negotiate with the claim representative to assist a HOMExperts member in receiving the proper compensation and identifying the full scope of repairs necessary.



Construction Inspection

Another set of eyes never hurts. It’s a fact; homeowner vs. contractor is the country’s most prevalent type of lawsuit. Protect yourself from potential aggravation. HOMExperts will inspect your on-going construction project and provide a comprehensive construction report. 25+ Years in the field!



Concierge Service

Lights, Camera, Action. Outdoor & Timer Lights. Daily Photo’s or Web Camera Viewing. Ready for action if an emergency should arise. Enjoy your vacation! Let HOMExperts check on your property for you.



Contractor Negotiations

Put 25+ years of building & renovation experience to work for you. HOMExperts will negotiate with your contractor, on your behalf, to get you the best possible prices.



Bid Analysis

Meeting with all the different trades people, spending the time, explaining the scope of the project, collecting the bids and license documentation, is a lot of work.  Let a professional handle it.



Group Discounts

There’s strength in numbers. As HOMExperts continues to grow, so does our purchase power.



Asset Management

Is your property performing as well fiscally, as it is physically? HOMExperts can help you organize and streamline the currency that is your home. Our President, Mitchell P Harris, is a licensed NJ Real Estate Broker. (DRD Realty, Jersey City, NJ)



Capital Improvement Planning

Death, Taxes and System Failure. Over the course of home ownership, you will need to repair and/or replace various systems in the house. Let HOMExperts show you how to plan for such failures, by using real numbers for real situations.  No one plans to fail, they fail to plan.



Warrantee Information & System Specifications

HOMExperts will collect the technical information on all your existing appliances and mechanical systems. In addition, H-O-M-Experts will track any existing warrantees, recalls, or updates.  This service is included for all HOMExperts members.



Make Ready for Sale

Thinking of selling your home or just want to spruce it up? HOMExperts will customize a fixed price “refresh” plan. Working within your budgetary needs, we’ll triage the tasks to be done and oversee the installation of the work.



Emergency Planning

HOMExperts will go through your home to make sure all detection and suppression systems are in good working order. Further, we will assist you and your family in making a solid plan, just in case. This is standard with every HOMExperts membership.



Full House Mapping

Room Layouts, Plumbing Diagram, Switches & Outlets Labeled, Paint Colors, Window Sizes, etc. This service is awesome. Know what is connected or controlled by something else.

Permitting & Code Compliance – Handy homeowners beware: even though you’re doing the project yourself, it may require permits and inspections.  Let HOMExperts determine if permits are needed and make all applications for you.



Feasibility Studies

Thinking about getting some work done? How will it impact the value of your home?
Let HOMExperts make sure the project doesn’t out weigh the value.



Many Many More

Need help? Have questions?  Just ask.



Individual Services are available to all HOMExperts members, priced on an hourly basis unless otherwise indicated.

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