Project/Construction Management

Experts of H.O.M.E provides comprehensive project/construction management (PM/CM) on projects of all sizes and scope. We treat you like family: taking special care to maximize your construction dollars by clearly defining a project scope, setting realistic budget goals, and managing the process along the way. Since time is money, we do our best to stay on budget and on schedule, handling everything from master planning through design and construction. We guarantee that your needs are met, goals are achieved and vision is realized.



Project Management

Experts of H.O.M.E provides project leadership and project management specifically tailored to achieve your monetary, time and quality goals. Our experience enables us to analyze problems, successfully problem-solve them, present the solution with several workable options, and see them through to successful outcomes.



Construction Management/Administration

In addition to project management services, Experts of H.O.M.E provides construction administration services from pre-construction through project completion. We coordinate the construction process, providing quality assurance, including compliance with contracts and plan specifications. We also ensure cost, schedule and quality standards are met. Progress is monitored throughout construction, and final documentation for inspection is prepared.



Project/Construction Management and Administration

  • Define project scope
  • Set Budget
  • Procure materials and permits
  • Schedule and Manage third party contractors
  • Manage day-to-day process
  • Guarantee Compliance with contracts and plan specifications
  • Manage inspection process
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