Why haven’t I heard of other companies offering services like Experts of H.O.M.E. (E.O.H.)?

Experts of H.OM.E. is a unique company that offers annual maintenance, organizational support, real estate & project management services to its members. Other companies may offer one or the other but Experts of H.OM.E. combines all aspects which makes dealing with your home needs easy & hassle free.




Why would I want to pay for an annual membership to Experts of  H.O.M.E.?

An annual membership with Experts of H.OM.E. gives you peace of mind that not only is everything physically sound with your home but, more importantly, that it is safe. E.O.H. will take care of your homes physical needs to keep it fiscally safe & sound.



What does an annual membership give me?

Experts of H.OM.E. membership will vary depending upon which tier level you select but all of them come with: the comprehensive 34 point maintenance check, H.O.M.E. bag, access to individual services available to Experts of H.OM.E. members, monthly H.O.T. tips, access to discounts offered by participating suppliers & service providers, warrantee information & system specification collection.



What if something comes up in the annual maintenance check; what would Experts of H.O.M.E. do for me?

Experts of H.OM.E. will advise you of any major repairs or if you need to have something replaced. We will give you the contact information of suppliers or providers that will assist you in getting the correct repair done. If you don’t have the time to take off work to get the repair done Experts of H.OM.E. can assist in the project management in being at your home when the repair needs to be done.



What if I want to do a renovation or expansion project? Would  Experts of H.O.M.E. be there to help me?

Yes! Experts of H.OM.E. can assist you in the simplest of renovations or as complex as a complete tear down & rebuild. We will help you search for contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. We can either assist you in the process or manage the entire project for you. Whatever your needs are we are here to help.



I don’t have time or patience in calling multiple contractors to get them out to give me a quote. What can Experts of H.O.M.E. do to help me with this?

Experts of H.OM.E. can make all the necessary calls & be there at your home when the providers need to be there. We can get the quotes for you, show them to you & assist you in selecting the provider that will meet your time & budget needs.



We’ve decided we want to put our house on the market; can Experts of H.O.M.E. help us to do this?

Experts of H.OM.E. can assist you getting your home ready to put on the market so you can get top dollar for it. Once your home is market ready we will list it for sale, host broker open houses as well as public open houses & show it to potential buyers. E.O.H. will make the selling of your home as fast & painless as possible for you.



Would Experts of H.O.M.E. be able to sell us a new home as well?

Experts of H.OM.E. will pull listings & take you to potential homes as well as give you critical advice on if the house is priced appropriately according to current market comparables. We can be there for every step needed until you’re in your dream home.


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