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H.O.T. (Home Owner Training) Tips

Fall H.O.T. Tips:

  • Winterize sprinkler irrigation system.
  • Turn off outdoor water faucets and remove hoses and drain.
  • Clean gutters, check alignment/ slope, and fasteners.
  • Flush underground drainage systems and clean catch basins, channel drains, and all other drainage inlets.
  • Clean lint trap and connecting hoses to your dryer.
  • Check working order of smoke detectors, replace batteries.
  • Clean and inspect HVAC heating system.  Replace filter.
  • Inspect roofing, siding, and flashing.
  • Test outdoor GFCI receptacles and check covers.
  • Start and test generator power if you have one.
  • Repair entrance and/or deck stairs.
  • Check weather stripping around entrance doors and garage doors.
  • Check windows for operation and closure, caulk and paint, remove screens and store for winter.  Install storm windows if you have them.
  • Check fuel levels if you have oil heating and keep clear access for refueling.
  • Turn off outdoor water faucets and remove hoses and drain.
  • Trim tree branches close to gutter, roof or house so animals can’t enter at soffit area.
  • Check outdoor light fixtures and replace bad lamps.
  • Clean and cover outdoor air conditioning units. Remove window type a/c units.
  • Check fireplace chimney for obstructions or blockages.
  • Clean/check kitchen and bathroom ventilation exhaust fans.
  • Clean outdoor gas grill and cover.
  • Winterize pool and ponds.
    Winterize power washer.
  • Remove fuel from gas powered tools or run to empty.
  • Spray WD40 on steel hand tools to prevent rust.
  • Store fertilizers and chemicals in a secure dry place and protect liquids from freezing.
  • Empty clay flower pots as they will crack in freezing temperatures.
  • Store wheel barrow upside down if kept outside.
  • Clean and store outdoor furniture.
  • Before bringing in houseplants check for rodents and insects.
  • Clean out dead flowers and vegetable gardens.
  • Start, test, and run snow blowers for winter use.
  • Check snow shovels and ice scrapers for use or replacement.
  • Have a supply of ice melt ready.
  • Check the fireplace and chimney.
  • Rake up leaves.

Happy Fall!


As always, be safe and remember; Be Proactive – Not Reactive

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