June H.O.T. Tips

June 1 is the official start of hurricane season in the Atlantic.   Take a little time now to prepare your home in case another significant storm affects our area this year.  Of course, whether a tropical storm comes our way or not, summer storms will come.  There will be no need to panic, once you’ve prepared yourself.

Check your roof and gutters.

Especially after a winter with heavy snow fall, a visual inspection of your roof, both from the outside and the inside may be in order.  Call Mitch if you’d like him to take a look for you.

Make sure your gutters and downspouts are cleaned and clear and ready for the summer storm season.   If you see pooling of water close to the house, your downspouts are likely not graded away from the house properly.

Take a close look at your deck.

If needed, clean and seal it.  This requires a few dry weather days.  Allow at least 24 hours after washing the deck before you seal it.   This will extend the life of the deck and stave off rot and water damage.  Visually inspect every spot where the wood meets the soil.   If you notice any problems, have them addressed sooner rather than later.

Check the condition of basement window wells.

They should be clean and free of debris.

Is your sump pump ready?

If you have a basement sump pump, have it checked.   If your battery-operated backup pump is older or not working optimally, now may be a good time to consider switching to a water powered backup pump, which will continue to run even in the event of a power outage.

Check your generator.

If you have a whole-house generator, have it serviced.   If you have a portable, gas-powered generator, test it.  Give Mitch a call if you need help.

Check the condition of your garage door.

Especially if you have an attached garage, this can be a weak spot for letting water in.

Locate your H.O.M.E. bag. 

This is your emergency starter kit!   Add to it or gather more supplies that you may need.   Some supplies to assemble:  water, medications, baby supplies, pet food, phone charger, external phone battery, car charger, and home owner insurance contact and policy information.   If you do not have your H.O.M..E. bag, or it needs replenishing, give us a call.

Check hurricanes.gov and ready.gov for more ideas and information for preparing your family, including good tips for deciding where your family will go and how to keep in touch during and after the storm.

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